Reflexology is the natural and ancient healing process and it dates back in 5000 years ago in Oriental and Egyptian culture. Some people believe that it has something to do with the acupuncture since it targets specific points with some targeted areas. However, the acupuncture will incorporate using of the fine needles, which are applied on an entire body, but reflexology will not use the needles or it will concentrate more on the feet. Reflexology may be performed on the ears and hands.

The reflexology science considers feet as the mini maps of a human body and each organ, gland and other body parts are being linked to their corresponding reflex area and points. Through targeting some points or areas, then reflexology will speed up the relief with corresponding body parts.

Reflexology works on many body parts and it facilitates the healing for different conditions. It is good to work on these areas in order to ensure that the entire body is kept in the balance. There are some examples about how reflexology helps with the healing or it will alleviate some discomfort and pain. For example, to get rid of the menstrual cramps, the reflexologist can concentrate more on the ankle top and on the foot inner heel. For condition such as back, neck tension and shoulder, the reflexologist will concentrate more inside and on the edge of a foot.

For digestive problems, then a reflexologist will concentrate more at the center of Arch.

Reflexology offers unique ability of relieving the buildup of the stress. Some people have reported the relief from back and neck pain, flu and cold symptoms, constipation and migraines. The reflexology does create the overall calm, it seems to reach to different areas of a body, and it allows the body and the mind in decompressing and to release the energy flow. In the end, the body will experience energy and stamina, which leads better to creativity and productivity with emotional equilibrium. The patients who suffer chronic problems like chemical dependency, weight management and allergies, they got significant improvements.

Reflexology should not be considered as medical treatment. The method is just a natural healing system. It requires someone who had studied has sound technique and practiced it. It is an art that requires patience with dedication.

Does it hurt?

It is rare for a patient to feel pain during the reflexology. The sensation felt during the procedure is felt in a foot and not in the organ, which is targeted. After the session, the patient may feel sore in different parts of the body. A reason for the soreness is the results of the toxins that get released from the feet and the body system will eliminate these toxins on its own. It is good if the therapist and the client talk to avoid problems.

Who can use reflexology?

Medical doctors, surgeons, nurses, chiropractors, medical doctors, physical therapist, nurses and dentist may use reflexology as a complimentary modality. Reflexology is safe and it can be practiced on any person regardless if they are seniors and children.

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