This is a technique that requires applying some gentle pressure on the reflex point at the hands and feet. They will bring about a state of deep relaxation and it stimulates the healing process of the body. It helps the person to go back to his well being and body balance.

What the reflexology means

The reflexology treatment works on the body system, gland and organ. Among benefits they offer include better digestion, circulation with the stimulation of nervous and immune system. It helps to balance the spirit, body and mind.

The reflexology is the holistic treatment because the entire body can be treated without being based on just one symptom. The person can suffer different digestive disorders like sinus problems, migraines, acid reflux and irritable bowel. The PMS with the hormone related problems, insomnia, back or joint pain, menopause or fertility problems can be dealt with using reflexology.

How long it takes to see the results

Reflexology is not a magic cure. Even if you may have some astonishing results with just a handful treatment, how faster you can respond to the reflexology will depend on different factors like how long you may have been living with the condition.

Reflexology is not meant to be used only for feet

Reflexology may also be carried out on the face, hands, ear and feet. However, the most common method is to target the feet. Some reflexologists believe that the sensitivity of feet make them to be even more suitable for the treatment. The hand may be done on the patients who want to benefit from it between the treatments.

Reflexology is not torture in case you feel ticklish

In the rare case, people may feel too ticklish to avoid reflexology. The touch of the therapist is firm and it will not tickle. No person who may decide to stop getting the procedure just because it feels ticklish. Some people who may think that it is an ordeal; they may be surprised in the end.

Horrible feet

Before you get the reflexology, the therapist should examine the feet first. In case you think that you require the treatment from a doctor or a chiropodist because of some condition like corns or veruccas, then he is going to let you know. Otherwise, they will not be judging the feet and they will only be doing their jobs. The feet had different structure and shape so you should not be afraid about it.

Reflexologists do not diagnose

The reflexologists do not train so that they can diagnose and they do not say that they cure any medical condition. They don’t get medical training and if you have any condition, it is better to talk to your doctor. Reflexology will support the body, emotions and mind and it allows them to heal better. It will lead to some astonishing results.

Reflexology is among the new fade

Reflexology has the roots in China, India and Ancient Egypt. Many scientists had tried for a long period to explore this theory of how the body has some energy zones.

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