If you have overworked or tired muscle, you will need to get extra care. The massage therapy helps in relieving the build up within the tissue and it reduces the tensed muscle while it helps in easing the pain that a person may be having. The action will help in encouraging the body to produce even more endorphins, which is a natural pain reliever. To help in getting the right treatment to the sore muscle, you will need to be aware of the options you have.


This is the most common type of a massage. It is the technique, which uses the vigorous and light movement. Therapist uses the combination of different strokes; they are shaking, friction, tapotement, petrissage and effleurage.

The technique should be used in reducing the pain, or improving the knee function in the patient who suffers osteoarthritis and it helps in reducing the joint stiffness. There are patients who may suffer the lower back pain and they experience the relief for at least fifteen weeks.


A stone technique does use smooth stones in order to apply the heat and pressure on the body. Stones may be cold but most of the time, they are put in put in hot water. The disks may be placed at the back, they heat the area, and then they penetrate into the muscle, which helps them in relaxing. Hot stone may be coated using oil, this is to help the rock to slide easily on the skin, and it assists the therapist to deliver different strokes.


The method is known to be an alternative medicine. It is a technique, which will consist of the stretches, the finger, palm pressure and stokes at some areas of the body. It is based on the principal that the pressure does help the muscle to relax and it freeing the patient body away of the pain.

Deep tissue technique:

A therapist will focus more on the realigning of the layers on the connective muscle and tissue. When you suffer some chronic pain and aches at the neck or lower back, then this is the best solution. It is a technique, which works through breaking down the adhesion, which is formed in the muscle after the injury or because of chronic tension. To help in breaking down adhesion and to reach to the deep musculature, then muscles have to relax. You can feel discomfort or pain in the entire procedure.


Expectant mothers may feel some discomfort because of pregnancy. Prenatal treatment may reduce the stress for a pregnant woman. It does also help in increasing blood circulation and to relieve depression or anxiety. Therapist will know the right position that the patient should use during the treatment and it means small pillows that helps in alleviating the strain on the hips or back. This massage therapy is recommended for women who are in the second trimester.

People who suffer chronic pain, they will benefit from regular massage even if it is only half hour. If you are new to massage therapy, you should talk to masseuse so that you can know the best method that will suit you better.

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